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Indian Hindu Black Magic

Indian Hindu Black Magic

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Mental toughness is the best free black magic remedy.  It is fruitless to argue whether black magic exists or not.  If you are mentally very very tough, any form of black magic is not going to harm you.

It will be easier to find a black magic remedy for you if you understand what exactly black magic is.

What is black magic?

Black magic can be defined as belief of supernatural practices used to harm, kill, or cause misfortune to others.

The magic word here is a little bit misguiding.  As magicians do some tricks and entertain us, we have same kind of impression for black magic.  In fact, black magic is not a magic or trick but it is an ancient science, which involves mantras and power of thoughts, which can affect your life in a great way.  Modern science is yet to unveil the science behind mantras.  As you know some mantras have good effect on our body, the same way there are some bad mantras, which can harm us.

If you want to read how mind waves or our thoughts can affect our fortune, read the famous book “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne.

What are other names of black magic?

Dark magic, witchcraft, chetuk, Karni, jaadu-tona, kaala jaadu.

What are the different forms of black magic?

Voodoo, Bhanamati, vashikaran, etc.

When did black magic originate?

There is no such official record available, but it must have been there from existence of human beings.

Where did it originate?

Most probably, Africa.  (The most famous form of black magic is Voodoo, which has its origin in Africa).

Things used in black magic:

Lemons, Coconuts, Chillis, Turmeric, Kumkum, Black dolls, pins, needles, ash, nails, charcoal.

What a black magic can do?

Literally anything.

Black magic can make a person insane, injure him/her, kill, make commit suicide, can cause misfortune, can cause serious financial problems and lots of things.  Black magic can cure the diseases also.  It is up to the person, how he/she wants to use it.

Can a black magic spell be casted upon animals also?


Who is at a high risk of being a black magic victim?

Black magic can affect each and every person, may be children or adults, male or female.  If someone thinks that he cannot be affected, it is his misunderstanding.

1.         Those who do not have faith in God.

2.         Those who trust God but do not trust black magic.

3.         Those who have bad habits like smoking, drinking, visiting prostitutes, and do not trust in values.

What exactly happens with the black magic victim?

Generally, the things which happen with a black magic victim can happen with an average person also; therefore, it is hard to find whether a person is a victim or not.  As most of the people do not believe in black magic, it is hard to detect it at an early stage. Black magic does not directly harm the victim, but it creates problems and enemies in the victim’s life, which will harm him/her.

Age group 0-14:

The victim might often fall sick, unnecessary irritation, fighting with everybody, lack of attention in school, illness does not get cured with medicines, might develop bad habits like watching porns, smoking, and even drinking alcohol.

Age group 14-50:

Misunderstandings with friends and relatives, women will get attracted towards the victim and their husbands or other close people will become enemies of the victim, breakups in love, everybody around you will be treacherous, victim might get involved in extramarital affairs, start drinking excessive alcohol, excessive smoking, or other form of abuse, loss of employment, severe financial problems, suicidal ideations, illnesses like kidney stones, hypothyroidism, depression, etc.

Age group 50 and above:

Different illnesses like diabetes, heart or kidney disorders, or others, irritation, fights with family members and others.

Some common symptoms in a black magic victim:

1.  Startling in sleep or while awake.

2.  Sleep disturbance.

3.  Anhedonia.

4.  Raccoon eyes.

5.  Irritation without any reason.

6.  Financial problems.

7.  Forgetfulness.

8.  Dreams of snakes or dirty places.

9.  Dreaming of falling from heights.

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